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February Robot of the Month: Botonist Bot

This robot has an enthusiasm for raising exotic plants.  Unfortunately his latest hybrid creation has an enthusiasm for eating robot faces. This sculpture measures 4″ tall and is made from a high strength plaster called ultracal, wire, and polymer clay.  The plant is completely hand mixes and sculpted so each one will be unique.  His is mounted on to a sturdy base and requires no watering. Botonist Bot  $50  


Regretsy Meet-Up: LA 2012

Who would have thought that people so brutal online toward poorly conceived handicrafts are such warm and friendly people to hang out with.  Well I guess I had a hunch or I wouldn’t have gone would I?  Have? Entering this place is like walking into a giant jukebox – which I believe was the premise for a failed Happy Days spin-off cartoon.   Our host for the evening.  Despite their […]


January Robot of the Month: Regretsy Bot


The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn: Robotic Edition Makes Kickstarter's List of Top Videos of the Year

Out of all the project videos uploaded to, it’s quite an honor for the video I edited to top the list of the best videos of 2011!  I’d like to take all the credit, but there’s no question it’s one of Kickstarter’s favorites due to the witty and intelligent writing of Diani & Devine.


Regretsy - I've made it in the world... (the one I care about anyway)

I’ts an honor to be mentioned (in a positive light) on Regretsy!  Lots of fun comments too.  Not to worry, robotic barnyard animals and a caganer were already in the works, but weren’t ready for the 2011 set (the Robot Jim figurines were a lot to get off my plate).  Excuses, excuses I know.  It gives us all something to look forward to for 2012!


Happy Holidays from Day of the Robot