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Happy Halloween from Day of the Robot

Being an avid fan of both ancient Egyptian culture and toilet paper, The Mummy was the perfect costume idea for Ned.


New Canvases

“Jetpascks with Junior” is now available in 24″x24″ canvas.


Had an enjoyable time at the closing night of Carter Sexton’s Robot Show. Met several other robot enthusiast artists, enjoyed some laughs and had wine in plastic cups. Like a BOSS-BOT.


Back on the Air

Is this thing on? After a long hiatus due to my site being hacked and messed up, and undergoing a huge home remodel, things have been rather out of commission around here. But I’m back and I promise to maintain! And build more robots!


Day of the Robot on Nerdist

Greetings Nerdist listeners who have come to see what Day of the Robot is all about.  If you want to see a robot eating a burrito,  here he is. If you haven’t yet heard the podcast yet, it’s a great one for anybody looking to launch their own creative project, be it a book or an independent film.  Diani and Devine have been through it all and they’ve got plenty […]


March Robot of the Month: Wedding Bots

  Someone liked my pieces at Mindfulnest Santa Monica and commissioned a custom wedding cake topper for her upcoming ceremony.  Reception I guess I should say.  Or maybe I should insist it be utilized in the ceremony too somehow? She liked the heart motif from the LuvBots so I was able to combine that with the idea of bent wires as the bouquet.  I’m sure it will be a unique […]