Make Magazine!

I’m so happy to be featured in the Made on Earth section of my all-time favorite periodical, Make Magazine. The digital version is up now, physical manifestations due at newsstands in the next few weeks! A big thanks to Gregory Hayes Photography.


Feliz Robidad!

Happy Gift-Giving Day everyone! Take a closer look at the latest in Robot Nativity Scenes!


Star Gazers

A new diorama featuring a parental unit exposing its young botling to the wonders of the universe. A full moon made for a great photo opportunity.


Ornament Bots Are Here

Jetpack Robots carrying little gift wrapped packages -perfect for hanging on your tree or aluminum post if that’s your thing. This year’s design features gold harness buckles and jingle bell details. Get yours today so I can send it to you by Xmas!


Day of the Robot Rewards at Apocalyptic Kickstarter Event!

Day of the Robot once again collaborates with comedy duo Diani & Devine as they raise funds for their next feature film, Diani & Devine Meet the Apocalypse. They are hosting a live event – an evening of comedy and music in support of their Kickstarter campaign. Day of the Robot works of art will be there for sale including new canvas prints of Jetpacks with Junior and Dentist!  All […]


New Robots - Star Gazers

Here is a mini-diorama depicting a parent teaching their child all about the music of the spheres. Made from plaster, wire, and real brass tubing for the telescope.


Happy Halloween from Day of the Robot

Being an avid fan of both ancient Egyptian culture and toilet paper, The Mummy was the perfect costume idea for Ned.


New Canvases

“Jetpascks with Junior” is now available in 24″x24″ canvas.


Had an enjoyable time at the closing night of Carter Sexton’s Robot Show. Met several other robot enthusiast artists, enjoyed some laughs and had wine in plastic cups. Like a BOSS-BOT.


Back on the Air

Is this thing on? After a long hiatus due to my site being hacked and messed up, and undergoing a huge home remodel, things have been rather out of commission around here. But I’m back and I promise to maintain! And build more robots!