Regretsy - I've made it in the world... (the one I care about anyway)

I’ts an honor to be mentioned (in a positive light) on Regretsy!  Lots of fun comments too.  Not to worry, robotic barnyard animals and a caganer were already in the works, but weren’t ready for the 2011 set (the Robot Jim figurines were a lot to get off my plate).  Excuses, excuses I know.  It gives us all something to look forward to for 2012!


Happy Holidays from Day of the Robot


You Need a DOTR Sippy!

Get your Day of the Robot kids water bottle/ sippy today!  Just like a good robot, it’s stainless steel and BPA free!  Each bottle features a graphic of a robot blissfully jetpacking through the wild blue yonder.  


A Trip to the Robot Dentist!

Here’s one of my latest creations unveiled at the Huck Finn Robotic Edition launch party – A Trip to the Robot Dentist!


Wunderbar Vakuum-Kondensator dar!

Much like David Hasselhoff and Matt Dillon’s grunge band, I’m big in Germany!  Got a nice shout out on for the 2011 Robot Nativity. Roughly translated by a crappy free website that pops up ads about every 3 seconds: The sculpture of day of the robot tells the Christmas story times differently. On the metal socket, the solemnly by LEDs can be lit, find three Roboter-Weise , Mary, Joseph […]


Day of the Robot @ Nerdist

Diani & Devine present an evening of Bluegrass, whiskey, and classic literature altered to include robots. If you live in the LA area, be sure to come check out The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn [Robotic Edition] Book Launch Party!  I’ll have a bunch of new robot creations on display and you can even get a special discount on the limited edition Robot Jim figurine. Not to mention LIVE MUSIC from The Dustbowl […]


Nice to Be Included.....?

So I was wondering why traffic to the Etsy listing for the Robot Nativity spiked suddenly.  Turns out I was mentioned in an annual list of the“Top 27 Worst Nativity Sets” in a Youth Ministry blog.  Actually I didn’t make the list (which is good, right?), but was added as a comment by an alert reader.  Despite the negative sound of the title, the list was written in a good […]